New Vocal Works for the Sonux Ensemble

Stefan Kuchel, saxophone

Sirius Quartet

Hans-Joachim Lustig

Booklet: German, English

Total playing time: ca. 62 min.

· Pieces by Tobias Forster, Ola Gjeilo, Gregor Hübner,
Paul Mealor, Vytautas Miškinis, Uģis Prauliņš, Alwin Michael Schronen, Aleksandar S. Vujić and Eric Whitacre

· Comissioned works and world premiere recordings

· Whitacres well-known Five Hebrew Love Songs first time sung by male voices

· Unique combination: The sound of male voices combined with a string quartet and the saxophone.

So called crossover projects with artists from other musical genres have become a trademark of the Sonux Ensemble. “In these projects, we work directly with composers and musicians with whom we have shared close ties for a long time, and can thus experience music history as it is being made,” Hans-Joachim Lustig explains. “Most pieces on this CD were written specifically for the Sonux Ensemble, and have been tailored to the singers' particular qualities. We have rehearsed the pieces together with the composers and have given the compositions their premiere performances over the course of the last five years. This disc consequently features only world premiere recordings and – literally! – unheard of choral music. A further unique feature is the recording's combination of the sound of male voices with that of a string quartet and the saxophone.”

The works recorded on the CD centre around two topics: light and love. The eponymous poem by Charles Anthony Silvestri, which lends its title to the present production and is recorded here in two musical settings, brackets and fuses both topics together. Silvestri wrote the text exclusively for this project in 2012. Hans-Joachim Lustig came to know the famous American poet through Eric Whitacre with whom he has worked together a number of times in the past years and whose Five Hebrew Love Songs are recorded on this CD in a new version. With the other composers of this disc Hans- Joachim Lustig and the Sonux Ensemble have likewise enjoyed close collaborations for many years. Light and Love thus documents the intensive musical engagement of the ensemble under its director in the past five years.